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Noun1.Tilletia - a genus of fungi belonging to the family Tilletiaceae
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
family Tilletiaceae, Tilletiaceae - a family of smut fungi having a simple promycelium bearing the spores in an apical cluster
Tilletia caries, bunt - fungus that destroys kernels of wheat by replacing them with greasy masses of smelly spores
Tilletia foetida, stinking smut, bunt - similar to Tilletia caries
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a) Larger Grain Borer (Prostephanus Truncatus) b) Angoumois Mouth (Sitotroga Cerealella) c) Khapra Beetle (Trogoderma Granarium) d) Lesser Grain Borer (Rhizopertha Dorminica) e) Grain Weevils (Sitophil Granaries) f) Red Floor Beetle (Tribolium Castaneum) g) Saw Toothed Grain Beetle (Oryzaephilus Surinamensis) h)The Grain has been fumigated through Phsophine (Mention Dose) for minimum period of 120 hrs i) Parent Crop was field inspected during active growth and found free Tilletia Indica, the seed and weeds have also been laboratory tested.
1981) Cate Pyricularia oryzae d'Ivoire, (Cavara 1891) Gambia, The Ghana, Guinea, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone 3 Fungi Sierra Tilletia Leone, barclayana (Sacc Togo, .
They reminded that Iran had earlier expressed unwillingness to accept Pakistani wheat containing karnal bunt or Tilletia Indica.
Islamabad -- A barter trade deal between Iran and Pakistan still seems to be too far away, after Tehran expressed its unwillingness to accept Pakistani wheat containing karnal bunt or Tilletia Indica.
Indeed, in studies at laboratories in Aberdeen, Idaho; Wapato, Washington; and Parlier, California, ARS scientists have reported success in pitting Muscodor against some top agricultural foes: Tilletia fungi that cause bunt diseases of wheat; potato tuber moths and apple codling moths; and the gray mold fungus Botrytis cinerea, which attacks grapes.
of Agriculture (USDA) certificate stating that the rice is free of Tilletia Barclayana.
The delimitation of the genus Neovossia from the genus Tilletia is difficult, because the sets of character states of the different species show a morphologic continuum.
The possible increase in the virulent patterns of diverse forms of the pathogen stresses to continue conventional breeding strategies for genetic resistance, while the variability analysis of isolates of Tilletia indica will support to explore new sources of resistance in bread wheat.
O agente causal da carie-do-arroz foi inicialmente nomeado como Tilletia horrida por TAKAHASHI (1896).
and dwarf bunt (caused by Tilletia controversa Kuhn).