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n.1.(Zool.) The blue titmouse.
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Las entrevistas tuvieron lugar en comunidades como Ocotal y Wiwili, en Nueva Segovia; Totogalpa, en Madriz; Bilwi y Rosita, en la Region Autonoma del Atlantico Norte; Yali y Pantasma, en Jinotega; el asentamiento irregular El Timal, y en las ciudades de Jinotega, Matagalpa, Esteli, y Managua.
The proposed protocol also showed better performance at op timal relays location, in terms of low BER and high BER-Gain values with the increase in SNR values.
According to official sources, PCRET will soon ini tiate large scale production and marketing of Renewable En ergy and electronic products in the country and will ensure op timal utilization of all available resources and promote cost ef fective indigenous products.
Screening evalua- tions, recommended by ADA guidelines for early detection of diabetes complications were subop- timal at all the PDCs.
2008), and retreat of the animals from otherwise suitable habitats to subop timal zones (Taylor & Knight 2003, Thiel et al.
En el caso de los terrenos ya mencionados de El Timal, se consiguieron creditos de alba-caruna a las cooperativas que se conformaron.
Timal Patel, parts sales manager, said store personnel learned of Mr.
Como se menciona en el reportaje Atlixco: Aqui empezo la caceria, la informacion a que se refiere el licenciado Rigoberto Timal fue proporcionada a la reportera por habitantes del fraccionamiento y trabajadores del Club Campestre El Cristo.
This was designed to rise and fall with the tides while remaining at anop timal depth for maximum generating efficiency.
Correspondence address: Lille III, UFR des LEA, 14 Place Bodart Timal, 59058 Roubaix, France.
We had now established that the op timal disrupt obstacle could be achieved by a dismounted team placing five Hornets or one MOPMS at a choke point tied in with indirect fires.