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 (tĭm′bŭk-to͞o′, tĭm-bŭk′to͞o) or Tom·bouc·tou (tōN′bo͞ok-to͞o′)
A city of central Mali near the Niger River northeast of Bamako. Founded in the 11th century by the Tuareg, it became a major trading center (primarily for gold and salt) and a center of Islamic learning by the 14th century. Timbuktu was sacked in 1591 by invaders from Morocco and fell to the French in 1894.
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1. (Placename) a town in central Mali, on the River Niger: terminus of a trans-Saharan caravan route; a great Muslim centre (14th–16th centuries). Pop: 35 600 (2009 est). French name: Tombouctou
2. any distant or outlandish place: from here to Timbuktu.
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(ˌtɪm bʌkˈtu, tɪmˈbʌk tu)

1. former name of Tombouctou.
2. any faraway place.
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Noun1.Timbuktu - a city in central Mali near the Niger riverTimbuktu - a city in central Mali near the Niger river; formerly famous for its gold trade
French Sudan, Mali, Republic of Mali - a landlocked republic in northwestern Africa; achieved independence from France in 1960; Mali was a center of West African civilization for more than 4,000 years
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[ˌtɪmbʌkˈtuː] NTimbuktú m
he could be in Timbuktu for all I knowpodría estar en la conchinchina
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Twenty palm-thatched, beehive huts sheltered its black population, while a half-dozen goat skin tents in the center of the clearing housed the score of Arabs who found shelter here while, by trading and raiding, they collected the cargoes which their ships of the desert bore northward twice each year to the market of Timbuktu.
Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure BBC Four, 9pm Part two of two.
NEW DELHI: There is the old riposte about mentioning the name Timbuktu for anything that suggests a far away distance that cannot be imagined.
film Timbuktu In this extraordinary French-Mauritanian drama, cattle herder Kidane lives with his wife and child near Timbuktu, which has come under the occupation of Islamist rebels.
He said the world heritage site of Timbuktu with its repository of invaluable Islamic scriptures and manuscripts is a unique cultural asset for the entire world.
Timbuktu has often been invoked as a symbol of the most distant place on Earth, as a mysterious and exotic, but unreachable, attraction.
Download ICC orders Mali radical to pay $3.2 million in reparations NNA - The International Criminal court says a Muslim radical found guilty of destroying World Heritage-listed cultural sites in the Malian city of Timbuktu must pay 2.7 million euros ($3.2 million) in reparations.
The Sankore Masjid and University in Timbuktu, showing the distinctive architectural style of Mali The effect this had on Mali was immense.
JEDDAH, Aug 15 (KUNA) -- The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Tuesday condemned strongly a "terrorist attack" on a United Nations peacekeeping base in Timbuktu in northern Mali late Monday that killed seven people, including five Malian security guards.
When Major Gordon Alexander Laing became the first European to arrive in Timbuktu in 1826, he was hardly triumphant.
Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure BBC2, 9pm Writer and explorer Alice Morrison embarks on a camel trek over the dunes of the Sahara, 3.5 million square miles of desert, for the second and final part of her journey to Timbuktu.
Siya mismo ang ipapadala, hindi sa Basilan kundi doon sa Timbuktu. Doon ko ipapadala 'yang commander na 'yan, hindi sa Basilan,' Dela Rosa added.