Time bargain

(Com.) a contract made for the sale or purchase of merchandise, or of stock in the public funds, at a certain time in the future.
- Nichol.

See also: Time

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It is therefore not surprising that Holt declared the time bargain
Pick a time slot and a www.baycrazy.com's Night Time Bargain Searcher cruises for these vampiric bargains.
HIT antiques show Prime Time Bargain Hunt hosted by David Dickinson is being axed, it was revealed yesterday.
The larger-than- life host of prime time Bargain Hunt has been asked on several occasions to speak at the Oxford Union but his diary is such that he can't find a free date.
At about the same time bargain hunters in the New Year sales will be thronging the city centre of Dublin, where a lot of the big stores will also be open for business.
In connection with the merger, the company recorded a one time bargain purchase gain totaling USD936,000.
Home renovators should look further than large DIY chains for materials, but at the same time bargain hunters would be advised to remember that a bargain does not just mean a cheaper alternative, it means getting quality for less.
HIT antiques show Prime Time Bargain Hunt is being axed, it was revealed yesterday.
To get aboard this spring time bargain you'll need to collect four tokens to make your booking.
'Indian leadership employed all its measures and failed to lure people, as people at no time bargained for their cherished aspiration,' he said.
Now, admittedly, Aljaber, just off Jesmond Road, has done a decent job with its advertising, taking full advantage of street signs boasting its lunch time bargains etc.