Time policy

1.(Insurance) A policy limited to become void at a specified time; - often contrasted with voyage policy.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Talking to reporter, he said the ministry, taking in time policy measures, had successfully developed legal framework which was awaiting the federal cabinet's approval.
In response the station has now introduced a 12-minute dwell time policy for trains and new supervisors to enforce it.
This award winning mobile app empowers the sales agents to provide real time policy information, helps with policy document collection, prompts renewal notifications and facilitates electronic premium payments from debit and credit cards of customers on the go.
You've heard the phrase before, and if you're a parent, you've probably agonised over creating a screen time policy for your family.
- Real-time network monitoring, schedules, time policy, and various other control tools, as well as configurable alerts
The other and important reason is that, under the optimal lead time policy, the system manager may not give the mean of actual lead time, even if the delay cost for quoted lead time is considered.
Head teacher and chair of Schools NorthEast, John Hardy, acknowledged there seemed to be little interest in founding selective schools in the region, and this wasn't the first time policy set in Westminster didn't address the specific needs of the North.
As an employer I've long had a paid sick time policy, because it's the right thing to do.
This book introduces the concept of time policy, which determines the time structure of education and childcare, and provides essays by different contributors on the issues of education and childcare in several European countries.
Behura also accused the prosecution for showing " utter lack of understanding of government functioning, of rules of procedures and rules of business," and said, " Had the same been applied, I would not have been made an accused." Replying to over 1,700 questions running into 824 pages, Behura said, " In his evidence, the SG therefore, has made a false statement that I made a telephonic call to him asking him if there was any stay and also asked him to confirm the same in writing to which he agreed and thereafter I went to see him along with the file." Behura claimed to have been falsely implicated as he was the secretary in the Department of Telecom at the time policy decisions which had been approved prior to his appointment were implemented.
Members of Unison claim YAS has "unilaterally" changed its break time policy despite promising not to alter it last month.
BOSTON -- Supporters of ballot questions that would raise the minimum wage, create a statewide earned sick time policy and update the state's bottle deposit law say they've delivered more than enough certified signatures to put the issues before voters next year.