Time policy

1.(Insurance) A policy limited to become void at a specified time; - often contrasted with voyage policy.
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Head teacher and chair of Schools NorthEast, John Hardy, acknowledged there seemed to be little interest in founding selective schools in the region, and this wasn't the first time policy set in Westminster didn't address the specific needs of the North.
This book introduces the concept of time policy, which determines the time structure of education and childcare, and provides essays by different contributors on the issues of education and childcare in several European countries.
As a board member of the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce, chief executive officer of Palo Alto Software and its 52 incredible Eugene-based employees - and looking for four more - and a mother, I couldn't be more pleased that our City Council is seriously considering a paid sick time policy for Eugene.
Behura claimed to have been falsely implicated as he was the secretary in the Department of Telecom at the time policy decisions which had been approved prior to his appointment were implemented.
SLIGO Rovers boss Ian Baraclough has told the Bit O'Red players they must adopt a one-match at a time policy.
Sources added that, restlessness is prevalent among PML-N leaders over the non-serious attitude of PPP government and they said that PPP government is still following the Waste Time policy.
Businesses should also investigate the options of employees working at home and consider improving sick time policy to cover eight weeks of a flu wave to leave no financial penalty for people staying at home when they're sick.
The set ended with Buddy Holly after a two-song encore, although the 19-song playlisting probably had the band running out of time for the Academy's strict closing time policy.
To protect yourself from clients claiming they never saw the policy terms and conditions, be sure they receive a full copy of the insurance illustration at the time of policy issuance and any time policy terms and conditions change.
Circuit Court of Appeals, which reversed, holding that because the FLSA was silent on the issue, the FLSA thus did not prohibit the county from implementing its compensatory time policy.
A one- time policy of regularisation shall be framed.