Schrodinger equation

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Schrödinger equation

(General Physics) an equation used in wave mechanics to describe a physical system. For a particle of mass m and potential energy V it is written (ih/2π).(∂ψ/∂t) = (–h2/8π2m)∇2ψ + Vψ, where i = √–1, h is the Planck constant, t the time, ∇2 the Laplace operator, and ψ the wave function
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Noun1.Schrodinger equation - the fundamental equation of wave mechanics
differential equation - an equation containing differentials of a function
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His topics include the time-independent Schrodinger equation, quantum mechanics in three dimensions, nuclear physics, and particle physics.
Then one has the time-independent Schrodinger equation from [1, 3, 4]:
The book's modernity is reflected in its early use of Dirac notation, and the fact that neither wavefunctions nor the time-independent Schrodinger equations are granted privileged status.

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