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n.1.A tabular statement of the time at which, or within which, several things are to take place, as the recitations in a school, the departure and arrival of railroad trains or other public conveyances, the rise and fall of the tides, etc.
2.(Railroad) A plane surface divided in one direction with lines representing hours and minutes, and in the other with lines representing miles, and having diagonals (usually movable strings) representing the speed and position of various trains.
3.(Mus.) A table showing the notation, length, or duration of the several notes.
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It occurred to me then, that there might be a time-table in Baedeker; it would be well to find out the hours of starting.
Presently Baedeker was found again, and I hunted eagerly for the time-table.
Philip, anxious to be distracted, looked up a time-table and discovered the only train Hayward was likely to come by; he went to meet him, and the reunion of the friends was enthusiastic.
The railway time-table hanging over it met his eye.
She followed the intricate net-work of lines and figures with her finger--suddenly stopped--looked again to make sure--and turned from the time-table with a face of blank despair.
As a matter of fact, according to the time-table, no train was due to leave the station or to arrive at it, on this particular platform, for several hours.
A time-table was being passed from hand to hand: the doctor was still in the library.
On our way back to my room, he stopped, and looked at the railway time-table in the hall.
We shall want those Continental time-tables and the London A.
According to the guidelines, employers are told to openly display the time-table of their working hours at a place visible to labour inspectors at worksites.
Only eight days remained to form it, according to the constitutional time-table.
According to the correspondence, PR said after thoroughly examining the request of attaching a coach, having capacity of 78 seats with Awam Express carrying 800 passengers, it found that the demand was in conflict with the announced time-table for the march besides it could also cause inconvenience to the regular passengers.