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a.1.Seasonable; timely; sufficiently early.
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Timeful helps you organize your life, so that you can find the best times in the day for the things you want to do.
India, May 5 -- Google has announced the acquisition of Timeful, an intelligent calendar and time management app.
Work smarter by finally conquering calendars, e-mails, tasks, lists, and notes with top-rated apps such as Timeful, Asana, and Evernote.
Download Timeful from your iPhone App store, you might not have to search for it as it's currently a featured app.
Stanley Hauerwas, Timeful Friends: Living with the Handicapped, in CRITICAL REFLECTIONS ON STANLEY HAUERWAS' THEOLOGY OF DISABILITY 11, 14 (John Swinton ed.
Stability is required to enter into true communion with God and with others, which is a timeful process.
Keller (1996) offers at best a bleak and oblique response: "Amidst the habitual deferral," she sighs, "the subtler lure of timeful possibility fades into insignificance" (p.
Organizations and workgroups that negotiate the demands of the clock and make playspace for the possibilities available in the present moment create timeful space.