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An ancient Roman city in northeast Algeria. Founded by Trajan in ad 100, it is sometimes called "the Pompeii of North Africa" because of its extensive, well-preserved ruins.
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Noun1.Timgad - an ancient town founded by the RomansTimgad - an ancient town founded by the Romans; noted for extensive and well-preserved ruins
Algeria, Algerie, Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria - a republic in northwestern Africa on the Mediterranean Sea with a population that is predominantly Sunni Muslim; colonized by France in the 19th century but gained autonomy in the early 1960s
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From Algeria's Roman ruins at Timgad to the Burjs Khalifa and Al Arab, the Empire State Building to Petronas Tower in Malaysia, Mini World is set to live up to its name.
The concert was part of the Timgad Festival in Algeria.
Historical landmarks will include replicas of Abu Simbel temple and pyramids -- Egypt, Timgad -- Morocco, Great Wall of China, Leptis Magna -- Libya, Kingdom of Kerma -- Sudan, Aztec Temple -- Mexico, Roman Colosseum -- Rome, Acropolis of Athens -- Greece, Stonehenge -- England and Petra -- Jordan.
There are still remnants of Algeria's colonial past in the capital and throughout the country, and ancient sites are abundant: UNE SCO-inscribed Djemila, Al Qal'a of Beni Hammad, Timgad and Tipasa to name a few.
Trajan lui a donne son conge honorable et il est revenu s'installer a Timgad.
The country boasts attractions alluring in their exoticism, from the sprawling Sahara to sites such as the well-preserved Roman city at Timgad, location of the international festival of Arab music, the latter now past its third decade.
Legio IV was from Timgad, a Roman colonial town in North Africa founded by Emperor Trajan around 100.
Canoel") and Timgad Energy ("Timgad")), Rigo will have a 79% working interest (inclusive of a 12.
The site of Timgad was threatened by heavy lorries and concrete installations serving the annual Festival; 'professionals and Friends of the Heritage' were demanding that the festival is moved off the World Heritage Site--which is of course what attracted it there.
Our destination can be read, for instance, in the abandoned cities of North Africa - in places like El Jem, on the plain of Tunisia, and Timgad, in northeastern Algeria.