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prop. n.1.See Tamerlane.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Timour - he Whom the astonished people saw Striding o'er empires haughtily A diadem'd outlaw -
I had a dog that lived and died in it from a puppy; and my chaise-pony goes on, in Timour the Tartar.
There are very high expectations at Anorthosis following the return of their prodigal son, Timour Ketsbaia as head coach.
He questioned that if Sudan and East Timour were given right to self-determination why Kashmiris had been deprived of it?
"Removing these blockades, which serve little purpose today and create a false sense of insecurity have been roundly met with praise," said prominent Lebanese journalist Timour Azhari of The Daily Star.
The 14th-century Mogul emperor Timour (also known as the Mongol Tamerlane or Tamburlaine) was as ambitious as Trajan or Alexander the Great.
Citicore managing partners Timour Shafran and Gem Algan brokered the deal along with colleague Steven Benatar, representing both the buyer, Steven Satz, a Bronx investor, and the seller, Semper Fi Management 7 Corp.
Jalal won several awards in the past, including Timour award for theatrical creativity in 1994, and Sheikh Mubarak Al-Hamad award for journalistic excellence in 2010 and 2012.
Sami Afridi, Asad Afridi and Timour Afridi of Khyber green have showed terrific performance in the final match while Sami Afridi was declared man of the match and player of the tournament as well.
The dispute over the infiltration of hippodrama into Covent Garden Theatre is central both to Jane Moody's argument about the triumph of illegitimacy and to Jeffrey Cox's and Michael Gamer's influential Broadview Anthology of Romantic Drama: their careful presentation of Blue Beard, Timour the Tartar, and The Quadrapeds of Quedlinhurgh has enabled thorough discussion of the cultural debates surrounding the suffusion of illegitimate genres in the patent houses.
Timour, FMLA, for my first position in 1972 as Connecticut Regional Medical Program librarian, located at the Yale Medical Library.