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n. pl. Timucua or Timu·cu·as
1. A member of a Native American people formerly inhabiting much of northern Florida, extinct since the early 1700s.
2. The extinct language of the Timucua.
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In another example of CCA's work to rebuild habitat, the organization contributed almost $7,000 to UCF for a project in Tomoka State Park for a living shoreline restoration to protect a Timucua midden.
Dubcovsky's account brings into view the challenges, opportunities, and periodic violence that resulted from the protracted exchanges between, on the one hand, the numerous Indian nations of the region (the Timucua, the Apalachee, the Guale, the Yamasee, the Upper and Lower Creek, and the Cherokees), and, on the other, the competing imperial projects of three nations: of the Spanish (in La Florida), of the French (along the Mississippi), and of the English (in South Carolina and then Georgia).
La primera de las tres partes que componen Triptico de la infamia (2014a), la cuarta novela de Pablo Montoya (1963), se concentra particularmente en las costumbres de los indios timucua de La Florida en la septima decada del siglo xvi.
The Timucua may have brought meats such as wild turkey, venison, or sea foods and vegetables such as corn, beans, squash, fruit, and greens.
This local delicacy was a staple for the Timucua Indians who lived in these parts for thousands of years before Europeans came along.
Over a period of several centuries, Cuba was both the homeland of the descendants of the indigenous Taino-Arahuacan peoples and also the destination and residence of indigenous peoples as diverse as the Calusa, Timucua, Creek, and Seminole of Florida in southeastern North America, the Yucatecan Maya of Mexico, and members of the Apache and Puebloan cultures of the southwest.
Smith Award for Best Fiction, 2008, was given to Judge Hitt for his second novel, Beyond the River of the Sun, which tells the story of the Timucua Indians' struggle to survive the expansion of Spanish missions beyond the St.
(15) De Mourgues's miniature then portrays the arrival of this second French expedition, headed by Rene de Laudonniere, who is greeted by the Timucua chief Athore.
Milanich, Jerald T., The Timucua (The Peoples of America Series).