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v. snipped, snip·ping, snips
To cut, clip, or separate (something) with short, quick strokes.
To cut or clip with short, quick strokes.
1. An instance of snipping or the sound produced by snipping.
a. A small cut made with scissors or shears.
b. A small piece cut or clipped off.
c. A bit or scrap: snips of information about the merger.
3. Informal
a. One that is small or slight in size or stature.
b. A person regarded as impertinent or mischievous.
4. snips(used with a sing. or pl. verb) Hand shears used in cutting sheet metal.
5. Slang Something easily accomplished.

[Dutch or Low German snippen.]


pl n
(Tools) a small pair of shears used for cutting sheet metal. Also called: tinsnips
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Noun1.snips - (plural) hand shears for cutting sheet metalsnips - (plural) hand shears for cutting sheet metal
shears - large scissors with strong blades
plural, plural form - the form of a word that is used to denote more than one
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She was fine and we just cut it off using tin snips.
The essential tools needed in this craft include saw, drill, hammer, tape measure, chalk line, pencil, utility knife, tin snips, nail puller, speed square, framing square, and chisel.
The court also heard Rutherford's rucksack was found to contain three torches, tin snips, mole grips and wire cutters.
You may have to cut the old boot apart with a tin snips to get access to the old sheet metal screws.
Cut the mesh as indicated in Diagram 1 with strong scissors or tin snips.
Paul had to first enlarge the exiting focuser hole by trimming the tube with tin snips.
Firefighters used tin snips to cut the tin and managed to free her head.
Cold chisels, files, tin snips, and steel pointed compasses were easily obtained during this period, and, along with axe and hatchet heads, these formed the basic tools of the Indian German silver smith.
Some tools you may need will be a ladder, tin snips, gloves, mortar joint compound, and perhaps asphalt cement.
Tools/Supplies Needed * Weatherstripping * Hacksaw * Pencil * Screwdriver * Caulking * Utility Knife * Paint Thinner * Wire Brush * Tin Snips * Measuring Tape * Hammer * Scissors * Caulking Gun * Utility Blades * Rags Project Margin Starter Cost Retail Gross Margin Weatherstripping $2.
If your reservoir is made of relatively flexible and thin plastic, you might be better off scribing the circle and carefully cutting it out with a utility knife, tin snips or keyhole saw.
My last project required tin roofing which I was cutting with a pair of tin snips.