aluminium foil

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Noun1.aluminium foil - foil made of aluminumaluminium foil - foil made of aluminum    
foil - a piece of thin and flexible sheet metal; "the photographic film was wrapped in foil"
Al, aluminium, aluminum, atomic number 13 - a silvery ductile metallic element found primarily in bauxite
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There was still no result; so I examined these instruments and discovered that they possessed radical blemishes: the barometer had no hand but the brass pointer and the ball of the thermometer was stuffed with tin-foil.
Then it was straight back to flaunting her body in a bondage-style leotard, a disco mini-dress and some tin-foil concoction.
Instead of the usual sanctimonious guff about muesli and blueberries and pumpkin seeds, she said that her favourite brekkie was "the remains of last night's takeaway curry eaten cold straight from the tin-foil container".
Tin-foil hat wearers will be pleased to hear that the additives in the steel are reported to absorb up to 90% of emitted waves.
The school says that every day it recycles paper and tin-foil and any fruit or vegetable waste goes into either their compost bins or their wormery.