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(tĭn′bər-gən, -bĕr′KHən), Jan 1903-1994.
Dutch economist. He shared a 1969 Nobel Prize for the application of mathematics and statistical methods to economics. His brother Nikolaas (1907-1988), a Dutch-born British ethologist, shared a 1973 Nobel Prize for his pioneering work on animal behavior.
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1. (Biography) Jan (jæn). 1903–94, Dutch economist, noted for his work on econometrics. He shared (1969) the first Nobel prize for economics with Ragnar Frisch
2. (Biography) his brother, Nikolaas (ˈnɪkələs). 1907–88, British zoologist, born in the Netherlands; studied animal behaviour, esp instincts, and was one of the founders of ethology; Nobel prize for physiology or medicine 1973
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(ˈtɪn bɜr gən)

1. Jan (yän), 1903–94, Dutch economist: Nobel prize 1969.
2. his brother Nikolaas, 1907–88, British ethologist, born in the Netherlands.
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Noun1.Tinbergen - Dutch zoologist who showed that much animal behavior is innate and stereotyped (1907-1988)
2.Tinbergen - Dutch economist noted for his work in econometrics (1903-1994)
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On the other hand, historians of economic thought and methodologists will be interested in the fact that Davis has unearthed a neglected category, convention, which has the potential to reconcile a number of conundrums within Keynes's own work - including the now famous exchange with Jan Tinbergen, and Keynes's continued insistence that economics could not, in principle, be reduced to a natural science [pp.
The traditional structural econometric models are the oldest, starting with the pioneering work of Tinbergen (1939), and have been used widely during the past few decades.
Many of the contributors arose from humble circumstances, but financially only, since their parents showed breadths of interest and intellectual inclinations that furthered the authors' intellectual abilities.(19) They come from left wing or liberal family backgrounds, and their voices are of liberalism and reason.(20) The 1930's was a period of leftist ideals, and many of the contributors shared in them.(21) Tsuru was jailed for Marxist activities; Klein had to leave the United States for Oxford University during the McCarthy era; Tinbergen was a member of the Labour Party; Baumol's parents were Marxists, and Rostow's were democratic socialists.
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Jan Tinbergen once observed that "it is almost a tautology to say that investment is governed by profit expectations." The problem is that profit expectations are very difficult to measure.
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Tinbergen from the Netherlands, and Professor Lawrence Klein from the United States of America.
In the meantime, Niko Tinbergen's (1951) The Study of Instinct, several journal articles, and two books by Lorenz were published.