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Noun1.Tinca - tenchTinca - tench          
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Cyprinidae, family Cyprinidae - a family of fish including: carp; tench; roach; rudd; dace
tench, Tinca tinca - freshwater dace-like game fish of Europe and western Asia noted for ability to survive outside water
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For reliability of fecal analyses, Tinca tinca, Capoeta tinca, Esox lucius, Sander lucioperca, and Cyprinus carpio, which were the fish species caught from Kizilirmak river, were boiled in water and their body skeletons were obtained by cleaning with water on a wire sieve with 0.5 mm mesh, and were used as comparison material for identification of fish remains obtained as a result of fecal analysis.
10 6.1 4 6.1 Cyprinid Cyprinidae 18 11.0 19 28.8 Bream Abramis brama 15 9.1 5 7.6 Tench Tinca tinca 4 2.4 Common carp Cyprinus carpio 1 0.6 1 1.5 Ide Leuciscus idus 2 1.2 Asp Leuciscus aspius 1 0.6 Vimba Vimba vimba 1 1.5 Total identified 164 99.8 66 100.1 Unidentified 38 22 Total fish 202 88 https://doi.Org/10.3176/arch.2019.1.03
Daily and seasonal variations in haematological and blood biochemical parameters in the tench Tinca tinca Linnaeus, 1758.
I put a lot of time in for tench when I lived locally, getting up to fish the lift as dawn broke, raking out and pre-baiting swims to see if I could get an elusive Scottish tinca or two from Firhill right out to Kelvinhead and beyond.
Seven fish species were identified: allis shad (Alosa alosa), European eel (Anguilla anguilla), gudgeon (Gobio gobio), roach (Rutilus rutilus), Mediterranean barbel (Barbus meridionalis), chub (Squalius cephalus) and tench (Tinca tinca).
Taliassero, signori, mai e poi mai lei avrebbe affittato la cammara a un africano, tanto a quelli nivuri come Tinca quanto a quelli che di pelli non faceva differenzia con un mazarese.
Valfre, "Effects of dietary lipid source on fillet chemical composition, flavour volatile compounds and sensory characteristics in the freshwater fish tench (Tinca tinca L.)," Food Chemistry, vol.
In-form Carl Perry can strike with GEELO YANKEE in the 9.24 over 483m, with something close to a repeat of last week's 4.08sec sectional likely to allow him to clear Redbrick Tinca.
In Italy, all the confirmed cases of opisthorchiasis were associated with the consumption of raw fillets of tench (Tinca tinca) (Pozio, Armignacco, Ferri, & Gomez Morales, 2013).