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Noun1.Tineola - webbing clothes mothsTineola - webbing clothes moths    
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
family Tineidae, Tineidae - clothes moths
Tineola bisselliella, webbing clothes moth, webbing moth - moth that forms a web in which it lives
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HIS has been a big week in my long war against Tineola bisselliella - to you, the common clothes moth.
Lutte contre la Bruche Acanthoscelides Obtectus et la mite Tineola Bisselliella par les huiles essentielle extraites de deux plantes aromatiques d'Algerie.
Control measures for the most common species, Tineola bisselliella Hummel 1823, known as the "common clothes moth" and the only species of its genus present in Europe (GAEDIKE, 2011), and Tinea pellionella L.
Diptera), Dermestes maculatus and Necrobia rufipes (Coleoptera), and Tineola cf biselliella (Lepidoptera).