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n.1.Brushwood and thorns for making and repairing hedges.
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Under the agreement, GBI will provide capacity on its network connecting Europe to the Gulf region and Asia, and Tinet will interconnect GBI's Network in Europe and offer services through their global footprint.
Specifically, GBI can provide capacity to Tinet in countries and cities in which the GBI Cable System lands; meanwhile Tinet can provide Global IP Transit, Ethernet and Virtual private LAN service (VPLS) connectivity services in all of its Post Office Protocols (PoPs) to GBI.
Tinet provides IP transit and computer networking technologies for local area networks in Europe, USA, Canada and Asia.
Rael Kibilo, an Ogiek from Tinet Forest, argues: "Before our forests were cut down, we had our culture and traditions.
Joan Ramon Mainat, creative director; Ines Rosess, head of acquisitions & sales; Tinet Rubira, production research.
Y para comprobar que, a pesar de las denuncias, este problema sigue tan vivo y acuciante como desde la creacion de Yellowstone (1877), anadiremos que el ultimo caso del que tenemos noticia --marzo de 2000-- es el de los Ogiek del Tinet Forest (Kenia), pueblo de recolectores de miel al que la Corte Suprema de Nairobi acaba de declarar expulsable de su territorio para que el Gobierno pueda "proteger el medio ambiente".
lt; transmitted, via leased lines using the Tinet protocol, to the centralized host processors.
Tenders are invited for It prestaci the servei of trasllat de l%equipament informtic of CPD CPD TINET a altre ubicat the ciutat of Tarragona.
Tracing Dumont's trail in Malaysia, where he entered using a fake passport bearing the name Tinet Gerald Camille, the same name he used to enter Japan in 2002, intelligence officials told the Star that Dumont met with several Arabs there.
Daniel Tinet Cite des Mobilites, 25 avenue Francois Mitterrand, Case 24
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-18 January 2010-China Telecom selects Tinet for ethernet private line services(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.