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A trademark for a construction toy consisting of pieces that fit together.


(Games, other than specified) a children's toy construction set


(ˈtɪŋ kərˌtɔɪ)
Trademark. a brand of children's building toy.
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Let your imagination run wild with building sets: Q-Ba-Maze, Tinkertoy vehicles, Magformers, or Learning Resources Gears.
Themed events range from "Model Train Mania" to "Everything Denim," from "Erector Sets, Tinkertoy, and Lincoln Log Challenges" to "Retro Crafts," and from "Graffiti Art" to "Flair Fun." The last section offers a "Pop Culture Review," with an overview of subjects spanning decades, such as candies, fashion trends, and classic cars.
Tinkertoy spine winds up to spear fish at its feet He bends with grace and ease of a yogi ....
Zombies, Lincoln Logs and Tinkertoy both under license from Hasbro.
The products combine the Tinkertoy building system with the main characters from "My Little Pony," both under license to K'NEX from Hasbro.
Visually, the Tinkertoy graphics are kinetic, appealing, and intuitive.
Only a dogmatic, Tinkertoy, popularized version of Mahan insists on a complete and permanent concentration of a fleet.
Another way of getting cement some tensile strength is to add another Tinkertoy inside the first Tinkertoy.
Inspired by the bread-boards engineers once developed on their own, and then driven by the "Tinkertoy" (aka: "Erector Set," Legos, etc.) mindset, today's high-flexibility development tools offer communication port, power, sensor, pin-out, connector, and other options that can eliminate huge swaths of design time, trial, and error.
During our California years, my sister and I pitched in to assemble our wire-and-plastic tree, working it like a big Tinkertoy set.
The mast was folded up for launch and unfurled in orbit, 56 segments unfolding and latching into place like a Tinkertoy set.
Of course, compared to the leviathans of the air nowadays, the PBY seems little more than a Tinkertoy. But before I joined the Navy, the biggest thing I had driven was a farm truck.