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n.1.A tinker.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The lips of a people pronounced, with a grand unanimity, the name of "Tinkler." The heart of a people hung suspended (mostly in the public houses) on the chances for and against the possibility of replacing "Tinkler" by another man.
The three gentlemen dropped solemnly back into their three chairs, and repeated the dreadful intelligence, in chorus--"Tinkler has gone stale."
Julius accepted the waiter's newspaper, and sat down to make (if possible) two discoveries: First, as to whether "Tinkler" did, or did not, mean a man.
The royal salute of British journalism thundered the announcement of Tinkler's staleness before a people prostrate on the national betting book.
"Tinkler" was the best man on the side of the South.
So, Tinkler the valet was instructed to find Miss Amy's maid, and to request that subordinate to inform Miss Amy that Mr Dorrit wished to see her in his own room.
The time he had reserved in his mind arriving, he sent Mr Tinkler, his valet, to Mrs General's apartment (which would have absorbed about a third of the area of the Marshalsea), to present his compliments to that lady, and represent him as desiring the favour of an interview.
Yet whatever happens in her Brazil swansong, Tinkler believes she can arrive home with her head held high following a promising team performance earlier at the Games.
Martizburg United coach Eric Tinkler has slammed the Man of the Match award to his own goalkeeper Richard Ofori insisting the Ghana international does not deserve the award after their league match in the South African top-flight.
FORMER Stobart boss Andrew Tinkler has reportedly reignited his feud with the transport firm's board after demanding directors disclose details of a pay plan.
INJURY heartbreak and social upheaval seemed a world away when Amy Tinkler danced her way to an unexpected Rio Olympics bronze medal aged just 16.
GATESHEAD'S Vanarama National League rivals Hartlepool are one of a number of clubs looking at Robbie Tinkler.