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n.1.A red Madeira wine, wanting the high aroma of the white sorts, and, when old, resembling tawny port.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Rio Tinto is getting rid of 14,000 jobs as part of plans to reduce its debt by up to pounds 7bn by the end of next year.
The government and Rio Tinto are expected to soon sign a working contract for Rio Tinto to develop nickel mine in Lasampala in the border area of Central and Southeast Sulawesi.
SYDNEY: The world's biggest miner BHP Billiton has responded to a deadline from British authorities on its proposed takeover bid for Rio Tinto by saying it is still seeking discussions with its rival.
A gap still exists between BHP Billiton's improved 3.4-for-one share offer and Rio Tinto's value, it was claimed yesterday.
Newly formed Rio Tinto Alcan announced it has sold its share in two aluminum diecasting operations in Slovenia, Alcan Koper d.o.o, and Alcan Tomos d.o.o.
Rio Tinto and Alcan have reached an agreement for London-based Rio Tinto to make an offer to acquire all of Alcan for $38.1 billion.
Only recently have scholars considered the role of Tinto's theory of student departure for examining the impact of service-learning on undergraduates' perceptions of integration into an educational institution's intellectual and social communities (Mundy & Eyler, 2002).
A glimmer of light for Zimbabwe's embattled mining industry is Rio Tinto Zinc's announcement that it is on the verge of opening a $35m open cast diamond mine at Zvishivane in the south of the country.
Tinto is most often cited in and associated with student persistence research.
Tinto, 23, came to World Horse Welfare's Belwade Farm rescue and rehoming centre near Aboyne in 2005, alongside a group of other horses that had not been properly cared for.
Rio Tinto has appointed Barbara Levi to succeed Philip Richards as Group executive, Group General Counsel.