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n. pl. Tem·pra·nil·los
1. A variety of grape grown originally in Spain and Portugal that is a principal ingredient of Rioja and port.
2. A red or white wine made from this grape.

[Spanish tempranillo, from Old Spanish, from diminutive of temprano, early (in reference to the grape's early ripening), from Vulgar Latin *temporānus, alteration of Latin temporāneus, timely, opportune : tempus, tempor-, time + -āneus, adj. suff.]
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It hails from the wonderful region of Ribera Del Duero, just east of the Portuguese border, and uses the same variety as Rioja, tempranillo, called tinto fino here, but with completely different results.
The tempranillo grape, known as the tinto fino in Vega Sicilia, is opulent and cherry coloured and flavoured with ripe fruits and a toasted autumnal finish.
The main grape here is the tinto fino, a local variety of the famous tempranillo, where it is used to produce big, full-bodied reds that are now rivalling Rioja's dominance of Spanish wine.
In Ribera del Duero it's Tinto Fino' in Cigales it's Tinto del Pa's' in Toro (rather proprietarily) it's Tinta de Toro' in La Mancha and Valdepeuas it's Cencibel, and in Catalonia it's Ull de Llebre.
names, including Tinto de Toro, Tinto Madrid, Cencibel, Tinto Fino and
In both places, wines are made mainly from the red grape Tempranillo (called Tinto Fino in Ribera del Duero).
silky smooth, well balanced, savoury, full-flavoured wines made from the Tinto Fino, the name for the Tempranillo grape, which I reckon is the finest of Spain's grape varieties.
Tannins from the amazing blend of tinto fino (the local name for tempranillo), cabernet sauvignon, merlot, syrah, petit verdot, cabernet franc and malbec, are pronounced but completed integrated.
Home to the Vega Sicilia wine, the Ribera Del Duero region is characterised by its flat, rocky terrain, where soils deposited by the Duero river provide ideal growing conditions for the Tempranillo grape, known locally as Tinto Fino.
In Ribera it's know as Tinto Fino, in Toro, Tinta de Toro ( and it tastes very different from the plum and strawberry flavours I associate with Rioja ( Tempranillo's heartland.
Authorized grape varieties include Tempranillo, locally known as Tinto Fino or Tinto del Pais, which occupies about 80% of the vineyard area.
Tamaral only grows one grape variety ( Tinto Fino, alias Tinta del Pais, but far better known (especially in Rioja) as Tempranillo.