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 (tĭn′tə-rĕt′ō, tēn′tō-rĕt′tō) Originally Jacopo Robusti. 1518-1594.
Italian painter of religious, mythological, and historical subjects as well as portraits. His works include Saint George and the Dragon (c. 1550).


(ˌtɪntəˈrɛtəʊ; Italian tintoˈretto)
(Biography) Il (il). original name Jacopo Robusti. 1518–94, Italian painter of the Venetian school. His works include Susanna bathing (?1550) and the fresco cycle in the Scuola di San Rocco, Venice (from 1564)


(ˌtɪn təˈrɛt oʊ)

Il (ēl), (Jacopo Robusti), 1518–94, Venetian painter.
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Noun1.Tintoretto - Italian painter of the Venetian school (1518-1594)Tintoretto - Italian painter of the Venetian school (1518-1594)
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Francis went out, on the customary travellers' pilgrimage to the shrines of Titian and Tintoret. After some hours of absence, he found a letter waiting for him when he got back to the hotel.
Basil had been with him part of the time, and had gone wild over Tintoret. Poor Basil!
A good number of them can be seen shortly at the Musee du Luxembourg in Paris where an exhibition is devoted to the painter's early years ('Tintoret: Naissance d'un genie'; 7 March-1 July).
(9) John Ruskin, "The Relation between Michael Angelo and Tintoret," in The Works of John Ruskin, ed.