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 (tĭn′tə-rĕt′ō, tēn′tō-rĕt′tō) Originally Jacopo Robusti. 1518-1594.
Italian painter of religious, mythological, and historical subjects as well as portraits. His works include Saint George and the Dragon (c. 1550).


(ˌtɪntəˈrɛtəʊ; Italian tintoˈretto)
(Biography) Il (il). original name Jacopo Robusti. 1518–94, Italian painter of the Venetian school. His works include Susanna bathing (?1550) and the fresco cycle in the Scuola di San Rocco, Venice (from 1564)


(ˌtɪn təˈrɛt oʊ)

Il (ēl), (Jacopo Robusti), 1518–94, Venetian painter.
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Noun1.Tintoretto - Italian painter of the Venetian school (1518-1594)Tintoretto - Italian painter of the Venetian school (1518-1594)
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In the Senate Chamber of the ancient Republic we wearied our eyes with staring at acres of historical paintings by Tintoretto and Paul Veronese, but nothing struck us forcibly except the one thing that strikes all strangers forcibly--a black square in the midst of a gallery of portraits.
An ongoing exhibition at a Polish museum in Krakow showcases examples of this fascination via a selection of paintings by such masters as Albrecht DE-rer, Hans Memling, Vincenzo Bellini, Tintoretto and Paolo Veronese, offering a glimpse of the 16th century Ottoman Empire through the eyes of Renaissance masters.
Contractor address : Via Cassanese 224 Centro Direzionale [beaucoup moins que]Milano Oltre[beaucoup plus grand que] Palazzo Tintoretto
The Museo Nacional del Prado and the Spanish National Heritage office are at loggerheads over the ownership of four Old Master paintings (two by Bosch, one by Tintoretto and another by Rogier van der Weyden).
He has been the chef de cuisine at Il Palazzetto, the Hassler's boutique adjunct commanding the most dramatic views of Rome, and at the Tintoretto, in another grand address with a view: the Park Hotel Buergenstock at Lucerne, Switzerland.
In the New York Times Magazine obituary, "Edgar Degas, Greatest Draftsman of His Century (10/7/1917)," the writer describes his prowess of line, "He could have disciplined the turbulent Tintoretto to the finer sense of contour, Leonardo would have not disdained the science of his modeling, his line ran like a hunting dog to its prey.
One of the great, and perhaps somewhat underappreciated, artists of the late Italian Renaissance is the superb artist Tintoretto.
Art and Music in Venice edited by Hilliard T Goldfarb, bursts with colour and information on every page, including lavish reproductions of paintings from Tiepolo, Canaletto and Tintoretto among others.
Headline names of our European civilization - Michelangelo, da Vinci, Canaletto, Titian, Tintoretto - take our breath "away.
Waschek said that Veronese is in the "top three'' of Renaissance painters from Venice in the 16th century, with Titian and Tintoretto.
Venice: Enjoy a private, off-hours view of Tintoretto paintings adorning one of six medieval Venetian "great schools.
Linking him to figures like Abelard (and Heloise), Tintoretto, and Andrew Marvell, Szentkuthy invests Casanova with a terrible grandeur, his austere indictment of sentimentality and the cult of reason flying in the face of the testimony of the Enlightenment.