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A town of south-central Ireland southwest of Dublin. The song "It's a Long Way to Tipperary" was used as marching music by the British Expeditionary Force in World War I.


(Placename) a county of S Republic of Ireland, in Munster province; divided into the North Riding and South Riding: mountainous. County town: Clonmel; Nenagh serves as administrative capital of the North Riding. Pop: 140 131 (2002). Area: 4255 sq km (1643 sq miles)


(ˌtɪp əˈrɛər i)

a county in Munster province, in the S Republic of Ireland. 135,204; 1643 sq. mi. (4255 sq. km).
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The Tiperary native, who started working in his local Ballingarry mines in 1950, added: "I have been fighting this battle for over 20 years now.
From the moment the audience enter the theatre they will become part of the action, with the show featuring favourites as Pack up your Troubles in your Old Kit Bag, Keep the Home Fires Burning, Roses of Picardy and It's a Long Way to Tiperary.
He is helping to groom local Fianna Fail member Barry O'Brien in the Tiperary south by-election.
John Higgins, a businessman from Clonmel, South Tiperary, denied causing EUR421 criminal damage to the front and back doors of the car which had blocked his driveway on Market Street in October last year.
A spate of players who have already achieved that goal have bowed out of the game in recent months - James 'Cha' Fitzpatrick, Eddie Brennan, PJ Ryan, Michael Kavanagh and John Dalton from Kilkenny and, most surprisingly, O'Dwyer's former Tiperary teammate Lar Corbett.