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A river, about 360 km (225 mi) long, rising in northeast Indiana and flowing generally southwest to the Wabash River. Gen. William Henry Harrison defeated the Shawnee in the Battle of Tippecanoe (1811).


(ˌtɪp i kəˈnu)

a river in N Indiana, flowing SW to the Wabash. 200 mi. (320 km) long.
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First Farmers Bank & Trust has 30 offices throughout Carroll, Cass, Clay, Grant, Hamilton, Howard, Huntington, Madison, Marshall, Miami, Starke, Sullivan, Tippecanoe, Tipton, Vigo and Wabash counties in Indiana and 6 offices in Coles, Edgar and Vermilion counties in Illinois.
Tippecanoe School Corporation in Tippecanoe County - $19,500 The Greater Lafayette Career Academys engineering students will gain industry experience through placements with partner organizations and earn college credits through early college and/or dual credit agreements.
The Tippecanoe County, Indiana sheriff's office used drones to map crash scenes 20 times in 2018 and another 15 times in the same year to support specialty law enforcement teams.
The Lafayette MSA (which includes Tippecanoe, Benton and Carroll counties) has experienced steady population growth since 2000.
Securities and Exchange Commission, assigned a 'AA+' rating to Tippecanoe County, Indiana's $18.9 million series 2018 local option income tax (LOIT) bonds and has affirmed the following ratings of the county at 'AA+'.
Patoka Class Replenishment Oiler USS Tippecanoe (AO 21) was selected as a transport vessel for maritime fueling missions.
The proposed location is the only place in Tippecanoe County where the desired resources are available, and the operation would generate $80,000 to $100,000 in tax revenue each year.
The Carnival Campaign: How the Rollicking 1840 Campaign of "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too" Changed Presidential Elections Forever
amblops from the Kankakee River basin (Illinois River Drainage, INHS 98619) and cited stream capture due to flooding and low topography in the area near the adjacent Kankakee and Tippecanoe River basins as a possible explanation for the range expansion.
The state and federal agencies that forced the closure and containment of contaminated materials at the Tippecanoe Sanitary Landfill are now assessing the feasibility of allowing public use of the property just north of Lafayette.
Its wholly-owned unit, Lafayette Savings Bank, is considered to be the biggest bank in Lafayette, Indiana, with five bank branches in Tippecanoe County, the buyer said.
They include the Jamestown Massacre, the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the Battle of Tippecanoe, the Battle of the Alamo, the Battle of Gettysburg, the Atlanta Campaign, the Battle of Wounded Knee, the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Battle of Midway, the invasion of Normandy, the Battle of the Bulge, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, the Tet Offensive, Operation Desert Storm, and Operation Enduring Freedom.