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or Tei·re·si·as  (tī-rē′sē-əs)
n. Greek Mythology
A blind soothsayer of Thebes.


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a blind soothsayer of Thebes, who revealed to Oedipus that the latter had murdered his father and married his mother


or Tei•re•si•as

(taɪˈri si əs)

(in Greek myth) a blind prophet of Thebes.
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Noun1.Tiresias - (Greek mythology) the blind prophet of Thebes who revealed to Oedipus that Oedipus had murdered his father and married his motherTiresias - (Greek mythology) the blind prophet of Thebes who revealed to Oedipus that Oedipus had murdered his father and married his mother
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
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If the statesman had this knowledge, and could teach what he knew, he would be like Tiresias in the world below,--'he alone has wisdom, but the rest flit like shadows.'
Yet not the more Cease I to wander where the Muses haunt Cleer Spring, or shadie Grove, or Sunnie Hill, Smit with the love of sacred song; but chief Thee SION and the flowrie Brooks beneath That wash thy hallowd feet, and warbling flow, Nightly I visit: nor somtimes forget Those other two equal'd with me in Fate, So were I equal'd with them in renown, Blind THAMYRIS and blind MAEONIDES, And TIRESIAS and PHINEUS Prophets old.
One of his last public appearances was a year ago at Siracusa's Greek theatre when he delivered a stunning monologue called Conversation on Tiresias. A political activist throughout his life, Camilleri always urged young people to try to effect change and had memorable sparring matches with former bete noir Silvio Berlusconi, the media magnate turned centre-right politician, and the current darling of the right, League leader Matteo Salvini.
And loans in order to improve the services it provides to its clients, To enable faster and safe development of new financial products in an on-line environment, To develop interfaces with other entities (jupiter, Tiresias, Bank of greece, Hermes, Ministry of finance to prevent the money laundering process - through liaison with relevant stakeholders, To create reports - to make more effective decision-making and to implement a new accounting plan, Which, As regards the general accounting will be based on a single sectoral accounting plan of the banks with the necessary adjustments for international accounting standards and the possibility of accounting for sectoral accounting and in the sectoral accounting of the law on public accountancy (revenue, Expenses, Investments ).
Greek mythology is also referenced through a character named Tiresias. As for the second narrator, his ludicrous name is Thomas Corbillard (hearse).
But there will always be literature, film, television and even music to serve as our modern-day Tiresias. And we can think about these things and do what we can to choose another direction, no matter how many people, real or imagined, preach about the end of our world.
En el mundo griego hubo dinastias que durante muchos anos ejercieron el don de la adivinacion; una de ellas fue la de Tiresias, se decia que el, en lo personal, habia ejercido su oficio durante siete generaciones.
Ray takes the part of Craven in this play, but most recently played the blind seer, Tiresias, in Bertolt Brecht's version of Antigone at the Queens Park Arts Centre in Aylesbury.
Es el lugar donde el mensajero transmite las opiniones del pueblo y donde Tiresias evoca al oraculo.
Quando do interrogatorio de Tiresias, Edipo vangloria-se de ter, nos piores tempos de Tebas, derrotado a Esfinge: "Foi em tais condicoes que eu aqui vim ter; eu, que de nada sabia; eu, Edipo, impus silencio a terrivel Esfinge; e nao foram as aves, mas o raciocinio o que me deu a solucao" (395-398).
This and other cards are laid by the cartomancer Madame Sosostris in Part I "The Burial of the Dead." The other two principal seers in the poem are the Cumaean Sibyl who wishes for death in the epigraph and the blind Tiresias, a man who lived as a woman for many years, in Part III "The Fire Sermon." (10) Of these three, Sosostris's cards are of primary interest here, but attention is given to the other two as they have counterparts in the Dark Tower where their prognostications overlap with those of the cartomancer.
Prefiero recordar al inmenso Miguel Inclan, adivino ciego, y a su tambor despanzurrado, sin duda, porque este Tiresias es hermoso, en tanto que el destino del heroe es tragico (el nino campesino, el Ojitos, es una claudicacion en el cuadro, un fantasma romantico e hiperbolico, un ente divino entre los enanos de Velazquez).