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(German ˈtɪrpɪts)
(Biography) Alfred von (ˈalfreːt fɔn). 1849–1930, German admiral: as secretary of state for the Imperial Navy (1897–1916), he created the modern German navy, which challenged British supremacy at sea
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(ˈtɜr pɪts, ˈtɪər-)

Alfred von, 1849–1930, German admiral and statesman.
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Expert interviews, footage and computer-generated animations explain the creation of Hitler's brutal leviathans, Bismarck and Tirpitz, the largest battleships ever built by Germany.
With which branch of the German armed forces was Alfred von Tirpitz associated?
In pride of place, too, there's a large model of the German battleship Tirpitz, sister ship to The Bismarck.
THE Tirpitz and her sister Bismarck were the largest and most powerful German battleships to serve in World War II.
The mission was carried out in March 1942 to destroy the dry dock at St Nazaire, which was capable of sheltering the German battleship Tirpitz. If the port remained intact, the Tirpitz could have attacked British merchant ships in the Atlantic.
The "photo-recce" aircraft had been stripped of armour and armament to add range and while on a mission to seek the German battleship Tirpitz fell easy prey to a pair of Messerschmitt 109s.
1944: Tirpitz, last of Hitler's fleet of "unsinkable battleships", was sunk off the Norwegian coast by Lancaster bombers.
Tirpitz at anchor in Norway before being sunk by the RAF
1944: Tirpitz, last of Hitler's fleet of 'unsinkable battleships', was sunk off the Norwegian coast by Lancaster bombers.
The Museo del Prado en Filipinas is competing for the Architizer A+ Jury Award and the Architizer A+ Popular Choice Award with an illustrious array of museums, such as the TIRPITZ by Bjarke Ingels Group, the Institute for Contemporary Art, Virginia Commonwealh University by Steven Holl Architects, MASS MoCA Building 6: The Robert W.
1944 - The Tirpitz, the last of the major German battleships, is sunk by British bombers.
The personnel of the Imperial German Navy (IGN) came from all parts of Germany, and the fleet became, as Tirpitz (see below) once put it, a "melting pot of teutonicism." (12)