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(ˌtɪrətʃɪrəˈpʌlɪ; tɪˌruːtʃɪˈrɑːpəlɪ) or


(Placename) an industrial city in S India, in central Tamil Nadu on the Cauvery River: dominated by a rock fortress 83 m (273 ft) high. Pop: 746 062 (2001)


or Tir•uch•chi•rap•pal•li

(ˌtɪr ʊ tʃɪˈrɒp ə li)

a city in central Tamil Nadu, in S India. 387,223.
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Tenders are invited for Leasing Of Front/Rear Brake Van (Slr/Slrd) Space Of 25 Mail/Express And 40 Passenger Trains Over Tiruchchirappalli Division
Tiruchchirappalli Railway station A% Category station PF-1 (Existing location of Catering & Bakery Stall S-2) - Caterinq Stall - S2,Tiruchchirappaiii Railway station "A" Category station PF-I (Existing location of Catering & Bakery Stall S-3) - Catering Stall - S3, Vridhachalam Railway station S% Category station (Existing location of NVLR) at PF.
Tenders are invited for Run Catering Stall S4 At Tiruchchirappalli Railway Station.