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A printed narration or portion of dialogue flashed on the screen between the scenes of a silent film.
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The trio made the reveal by flipping title cards reading, 'You guys have been so supportive and loving and patient.
The plot escalates into a war between Viking's gang and a native-American coke dealer known as White Bull, the film picking up echoes of the Coens' equally snowbound Fargo -- the mounting body count (the profusion of title cards becomes a joke in itself), the tragi-comic misunderstandings, the incongruous emphasis on morality in the midst of violent death, the small-town cops trying to make sense of it all.
In the "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Season 6 trailer, the title cards clarify that ( Agent Coulson is dead after his Ghost Rider deal.
A spotlight on what Phoenix Quwais perceives as the growing Hispanic problem in the United States of America, the film is a strange spectacle to un-artistic eyes; an audio-visual collage of news clips co-mingled with title cards and footage of the star himself.
With little in the way of narration or title cards, each movie explored the many sides of a single city--different neighborhoods, different trades, different sorts of suffering, different forms of fun.
All cues about what is going on derive from in situ sound recordings and minimal title cards that indicate the main events.
Complete with some hopelessly cliched animated scenes reflecting Greg's inner life and the overuse of tired title cards (Day One Of Doomed Friendship etc), this is more a case of The Fault In Our Script.
The latest policy bars creators from adding 'graphical title cards' including sponsor logos and product branding unless YouTube is paid for the advertisement - a move widely considered as an attempt to control the MCNs and independent content creators on the network.
If you're at all a softie, you'll cry despite the fairly corny title cards and occasional sunset vistas, and even though it's clear from the start that for three of the four women featured there is a happy ending.
"We've used title cards to show some scenes we weren't able to get on camera."
Hazanavicius plants his tongue firmly in cheek for Goodman's scenes, whose potty-mouthed rages as a Hollywood honcho are reduced to censored snippets of dialogue on title cards.