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A printed narration or portion of dialogue flashed on the screen between the scenes of a silent film.
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All cues about what is going on derive from in situ sound recordings and minimal title cards that indicate the main events.
Complete with some hopelessly cliched animated scenes reflecting Greg's inner life and the overuse of tired title cards (Day One Of Doomed Friendship etc), this is more a case of The Fault In Our Script.
We allow text-only title cards where there is Paid Product Placement for the purpose of paid product disclosure only.
If you're at all a softie, you'll cry despite the fairly corny title cards and occasional sunset vistas, and even though it's clear from the start that for three of the four women featured there is a happy ending.
We've used title cards to show some scenes we weren't able to get on camera.
Hazanavicius plants his tongue firmly in cheek for Goodman's scenes, whose potty-mouthed rages as a Hollywood honcho are reduced to censored snippets of dialogue on title cards.
Wonderfully stylish, it mimics the look and feel of classic silent movies, complete with jazzy soundtrack and old-fashioned title cards.
Suggested applications include providing links to relevant products and services (so that users might click on a plasma TV and open a new page comparing prices and providing relevant background info) or tying game elements like text boxes or title cards to unique human faces.
Setting the scene with title cards, pic uses survivor interviews, rare archival footage, photos and documents to introduce virtually unknown concentration camps and strategies inmates used to survive.
The spectator should once again pick up the packet of face down title cards.
Kring's kitchen-sink approach to storytelling (comic-book-lettered title cards up alongside portentous voice-over narration) seems way too clever.
The film also does everything it can to put us in Shylock's corner, opening with title cards that inform us about the anti-Jewish bigotry of the time, cutting some of his less flattering lines and constantly having passing Venetians spit on him.