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 (tē′tō-grăd′, -gräd′)


(Serbian ˈtitɔɡraːd)
(Placename) the former name (1946–92) of Podgorica


(ˈti toʊˌgræd, -ˌgrɑd)

the former name (1945–92) of Podgorica.
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Hedfan i Belgrade ac wedyn ymlaen i Titograd, Montenegro.
24) NAM, FCCCPM, 80/52, Instructions Central Committee of the religious ideas, Titograd, December, 1952.
Including captain Chris Hugh, a Wales Fustal international, the team will travel to Montenegro for the preliminary round of the tournament where they face Blue Magic of Dublin, Nacional Zagreb of Croatia and KMF Titograd of the host nation.
the first time that has happened in a Welsh team since Mike England's side drew 4-4 with Yugoslavia in Titograd back in December 1982.
On the formation of Yugoslavia the capital of Montenegro moved to Titograd (now renamed Podgorica) and Cetinje has been transformed into a cultural town.
and "Down with the Fascist Regime" occupied the iron works in Titograd and forced the resignation of Montenegrin Communist officials, while in Belgrade 5,000 Serb workers fought their way into Parliament to demand the resignation of the government.
The magnificent Montenegrin has shown throughout his career with Budocnost Titograd, Partizan Belgrade, Valencia, Real Madrid and the national side that he comes alive when it matters most.
Initially, he approached me with a simple story about the friend of a cousin living in Shkoder and how this friend was killed while scavenging the old chromium mine south of Titograd.
The Muslims reside in four administrative regions: Sarajevo, Pristina, Skopje and Titograd.