Titular bishop

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(R. C. Ch.) a term officially substituted in 1882 for bishop in partibus.
- Shipley.
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In 2009 Pope Benedict XVI appointed him as the Apostolic Nuncio to Sri Lanka and Titular Archbishop of Serta.
Franciscus Monachus (c.1490-1565), a Franciscan monk and noted cosmographer living in Mechelin, Brabant, wrote an undated letter to his patron, Jean de Carondelet, titular Archbishop of Palermo in 1526 or 1527.
In 1952 he was nominated Titular Archbishop of Brisi and coadjutor to the Archbishop of Agra.
"Let us follow our Lord in our lives," said Rev Petar Rajic, Titular Archbishop of Sarsenterum and Apostolic Nuncio to Kuwait, Yemen, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE, during the service.
The 50-year-old prelate, who has held several diplomatic posts over the years, was named titular archbishop of Memfi in Egypt by Pope Benedict XVI in February and had been awaiting a diplomatic posting since then.
Foremost among figures present were Hilarion Capucci - the retired titular archbishop of Caesarea for the Melkite Greek Catholic Church who is an old friend of the Palestinian people, Nichi Vendola - governor of the southern Apulia region who vies for the Primary Elections of the Italian center-left ahead of the 2013 general elections, and Sabri Atiyeh - Palestine ambassador to Italy.
On 18 May 2002, Pope John Paul II appointed him Titular Archbishop of Sagona and Apostolic Nuncio to Sudan and Apostolic Delegate to Somalia.
Malcolm Ranjith to the rank of Archbishop and appointed him the Titular Archbishop of Umbriatico and received his diplomatic assignment as the Papal Nuncio Jakarta to serve as Vatican Ambassador to Indonesia, East Timor and Leste.
1935-43 Arthur Hinsley (Titular Archbishop, ex-apostolic delegate in Africa)
It was while there that news of his appointment to Burundi came and he was ordained as titular Archbishop of Hodelm on March 13 this year by CardinalAngelo Sodano,Vatican Secretary of State.
He remained in that diocese until 1 July 1937 when he was promoted titular Archbishop of Cypsela and appointed as coadjutor to Archbishop Michael Kelly of Sydney with the right of succession, which occurred on 8 March 1940 on the death of Archbishop Kelly.
1445-1515), the Venetian elderly papal court prelate and titular archbishop of Patras, which seems to have been the basis for much of the bull did not include any explicit recommendations regarding the recitation of the breviary--see Minnich, 1995-96, 563-70; Saint Antonino Pierozzi held that it was a mortal sin to neglect the divine office out of negligence--see Pierozzi, vol.