Titular bishop

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(R. C. Ch.) a term officially substituted in 1882 for bishop in partibus.
- Shipley.
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He served as the auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Zamboanga and the titular bishop of Tatilti from 1967 to 1971.
Cornelius Sim was appointed as Titular Bishop of Putia in Numidia and Vicar Apostolic of Brunei Darussalam.
The title of Vaughan's titular bishopric was significant, for his was not like the majority of titular sees whose names were rather obscure: the Benedictine Peter Baines was titular bishop of Siga as coadjutor to Bishop Collingridge, 1823-29; and the future Cardinal Moran was titular bishop of Olba when appointed in 1871 as coadjutor to the bishop of Ossory.
Lourdusamy as Auxiliary Bishop of Bangalore and Titular Bishop of Sozusa in Libya on 2 July 1962.
BNA) -- His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa received at Al-Safriya Palace today the Apostolic Vicar of Northern Arabia Titular Bishop Camillo Ballin and commended his humanitarian efforts to promote the values of goodness, love and tolerance.
On the night of June 23, 2011, Vincent Long was ordained titular bishop of Tala and auxiliary of the Melbourne archdiocese.
5) The Italian Giuseppe (Iosif) Salandari OFMConv (1822-1864), the titular bishop of Marcopolis, was apostolic visitor for Moldavia (Annuario Pontificio, Roma, 1866, 249, 271).
His status was confirmed when he was subsequently named as titular bishop of the extinct see of Lorium, a move that gave him the full rank of bishop but avoided the issue of whether his real diocese, Dili, lay in Indonesian territory.
Bishop Crowley was ordained as a priest in 1965 at the age of 24, then as titular Bishop of Tala by Cardinal Hume on December 8, 1986.
Canon Thomas Williams, who serves St Anthon y's in Scotland Road,and Our Lady Immaculate Church, St Domingo Road, will also be appointed Titular Bishop of Mageo (Mayo) to reflect his and his parish's Irish roots.
Canon Thomas Williams, who serves St Anthony's church, Scotland Road, and Our Lady Immaculate church, was also appointed Titular Bishop of Mageo (Mayo) to reflect his and his community's Irish roots.
His narrator, Saint Timothy, Bishop of all Macedonia and titular Bishop of Ephesus, recalls himself at fifteen being prepared to set out on missionary travels with St.