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adv.1.In a titular manner; nominally; by title only.
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John Paul Jefferson Jones, titularly attached to the American Embassy and correspondent of the New York Demagogue, who, by way of making himself agreeable to the company, asked Lady Steyne, during a pause in the conversation at dinner, how his dear friend, George Gaunt, liked the Brazils?
This initial sample was culled of all duplicate citations and articles that were clearly unrelated to the research question, which yielded 351 titularly unique and related articles.
This suggestion from government implied a more flexible vision of human capital - one that focused on an individual's decision-making qualities irrespective of whether they were titularly employed by business or government - and this was deeply shocking to local Tories, one of whom expressed a vituperative Thatcherite hatred for all things (and persons) public.
We are sitting on the glorious sands of Cayman OGrand CentralO; the titularly boastful OSeven Mile BeachO.
TaxACT, 5 Drake, and TaxWorks users were par-1 titularly positive about their software's price.