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n. Mythology
The Germanic god of war and the sky.

[Old English Tīw; see dyeu- in Indo-European roots.]
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(European Myth & Legend) (in Anglo-Saxon mythology) the god of war and the sky. Norse counterpart: Tyr
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Noun1.Tiu - god of war and sky; counterpart of Norse Tyr
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In religion they had reached a moderately advanced state of heathenism, worshipping especially, it seems, Woden, a 'furious' god as well as a wise and crafty one; the warrior Tiu; and the strong-armed Thunor
'Our team played with a sense of urgency after those two losses,' said Tiu, who also called the shots for Mighty Sports in the Jones Cup.
But Tiu managed to rise above the adversity and is now on his way up.
But despite zero state subsidy, Tiu assured the ticket cost to use the 10-kilometer railway system is at an acceptable rate to the masses.
Tiu, 33, became a household name when he played for Ateneo de Manila University in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines.
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Kwan Tiu was reassigned as regional director of the BFP in Eastern Visayas (Region 8).
The State UKRGASBANK has partnered with TIU Canada, the first Canadian investor to construct solar projects in Ukraine since 2010, to increase the capacity of renewable energy sources, the company said.
The 25-year-old also failed to report a corrupt approach and refused to cooperate with a TIU investigation, according to a ruling by independent anti-corruption hearing officer Jane Mulcahy.
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