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 (tĭv′ə-lē, tē′vō-) also Ti·bur (tī′bər)
A city of central Italy east-northeast of Rome. Tivoli contains the ruins of several ancient Roman villas and is also noted for its waterfalls.


(ˈtɪvəlɪ; Italian ˈtiːvoli)
(Placename) a town in central Italy, east of Rome: a summer resort in Roman times; contains the Renaissance Villa d'Este and the remains of Hadrian's Villa. Pop: 49 342 (2001). Ancient name: Tibur


(ˈtɪv ə li)

1. Ancient, Tibur. a town in central Italy, E of Rome. 50,969.
2. a park and entertainment center in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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Noun1.Tivoli - a town twenty miles to the east of Rome (Tibur is the ancient name)Tivoli - a town twenty miles to the east of Rome (Tibur is the ancient name); a summer resort during the Roman empire; noted for its waterfalls
Italia, Italian Republic, Italy - a republic in southern Europe on the Italian Peninsula; was the core of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire between the 4th century BC and the 5th century AD
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Dan MacDonald, pioneer saloonman and gambler on the upper Yukon, owner and proprietor of the Tivoli and all its games, wandered forlornly across the great vacant space of floor and joined the two at the stove.
He had ante'd his life for a dozen years, and forty thousand was a small pot for such a stake--the price of a drink and a dance at the Tivoli, of a winter's flutter at Circle City, and a grubstake for the year to come.
He was a striking figure of a man, despite his garb being similar to that of all the men in the Tivoli.
Philip went to the Tivoli and saw Mildred with her companion, a smooth-faced young man with sleek hair and the spruce look of a commercial traveller, sitting in the second row of the stalls.
The traveller, who was going from Palestrina to Tivoli, had mistaken his way; the young man directed him; but as at a distance of a quarter of a mile the road again divided into three ways, and on reaching these the traveller might again stray from his route, he begged Luigi to be his guide.
They seek for him in the mountains, and he is on the waters; they follow him on the waters, and he is on the open sea; then they pursue him, and he has suddenly taken refuge in the islands, at Giglio, Guanouti, or Monte Cristo; and when they hunt for him there, he reappears suddenly at Albano, Tivoli, or La Riccia.
The vale of Tempe, Tivoli and Rome are earth and water, rocks and sky.
After the acquisition of Tivoli Systems, IBM moved ADSM to the new systems management software group.
Keynote Systems (Nasdaq:KEYN) has announced the release of the Keynote Tivoli Adapter, part of Keynote's Enterprise Perspective family of services, which gives operations centers using Tivoli immediate access to external performance and availability alerts from their existing IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console (T/EC).
IBM solutions, such as Tivoli Storage Management software, that incorporate these capabilities can dynamically adapt to their environment and automatically configure, heal, optimize and protect themselves.
Fujitsu Will Bundle Tivoli Management Agent With Storage Systems Under 4-Part Pact