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(Spanish tlasˈkala)
1. (Placename) a state of S central Mexico: the smallest Mexican state; formerly an Indian principality, the chief Indian ally of Cortés in the conquest of Mexico. Capital: Tlaxcala. Pop: 961 912 (2000 est). Area: 3914 sq km (1511 sq miles)
2. (Placename) a city in E central Mexico, on the central plateau, capital of Tlaxcala state: the church of San Francisco (founded 1521 by Cortés) is the oldest in the Americas. Pop: 15 777 (2005). Official name: Tlaxcala de Xicohténcatl


(tlɑsˈkɑ lɑ)

1. a state in SE central Mexico. 883,924; 1554 sq. mi. (4025 sq. km).
2. the capital of this state. 12,000.
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The plumed conical insignia elaborated with crescent moons carried by the Lienzo's Tlaxcalan warrior does occur in the early part of the additional Codex panels, however, specifically at Nantzintla ("place of revered mother") (f.
1986 The Tlaxcalan Actas: A Compendium of the Records of the Cabildo of Tlaxcala (1545-1627).
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Not of Chichimec stock, the Tlaxcalan uses the term as synonymous with barbarous.
inic techyecchiuaco senor Santillan ytencopa yn audiencia real in onpa Mexico quitlaliteuac hordenanzaz ynic tlamani Tlaxcalan yuh ticpia yc amo neahualo yn governadortiua ohnxiuhtica mopatlatiuh in tonauhtepeixtipan yuan nochi quitzaquaco yn ipanpa totlal yc timahuaya auh yn axcan ya peua yn zan cexiuhtica gobernador mopatlaz (/598/) [Cuando el senor Santillan vino en nombre de la audiencia real a ponernos las cosas en orden, dejo establecidas las Ordenanzas sobre como deben estar las cosas en Tlaxcala.
Another colonial writer, the Tlaxcalan noble Juan Buenaventura Zapata y Mendoza, is the focus of chapter 2.
Sixteenth-century Tlaxcalan pictorial documents on the conquest of Mexico.
Raymond Buve shows that in Tlaxcala, which remained an "archipelago of local societies" well into the 1850s, pronouncements were mainly critical gestures of rebellion made in order to negotiate Tlaxcalan autonomy.
They are indigenous and non-indigenous, studying their own tribes and others, which vary here from Yup'ik Alaskan to Tlaxcalan Mexican.
From Attic vases to Tlaxcalan altar paintings, the psychoactive and physiological properties of this chemical have everywhere been celebrated, wondered at, and moralised about.
37 y 39), Tenorio afirma que Balbuena trae a Bernardo del Carpio al Nuevo Mundo, "donde unos adivinos de Tlaxcala le anuncian la futura conquista de Ultramar", lo cual no es cierto en absoluto: los que vienen al Nuevo Mundo en su poema El Bernardo son el mago Malgesi y otros dos tripulantes franceses y es a ellos a los que el Mago Tlaxcalan, en singular (no "unos adivinos de Tlaxcala", sino un solo mago que tiene su morada en las entranas del Popocatepetl) les ensena las futuras proezas de Colon y Cortes.
9) Furthermore, the novel vigorously defends indigenous rights as equivalent to those of the Creole revolutionaries, realizing, three centuries later, the failed democratic aspirations of the Tlaxcalan eponymous hero, Jicotencal, and his long suffering lover and wife, Teutila.