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 (dôg′rĭb′, dŏg′-)
n. pl. Dogrib or Dog·ribs
See Tlicho.

[Translation of Cree atimospikay.]
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1. (Peoples) a member of a Dene Native Canadian people of northern Canada
2. (Languages) the Athapascan language of this people
[from Dogrib Thlingchadinne, dog's flank, referring to the people's belief that they are descended from a dog]
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Tli Cho Air, a partnership majority owned by Tlicho Investment Corporation and Discovery Air subsidiary Air Tindi Ltd, on Thursday announced that it has purchased its own de Havilland Dash 7 Combi.
The aircraft, registration C-FWZV, is said to be already integrated into the fleet at Air Tindi, which conducts all flight operations for Tli Cho Air.
Darren Rabesca, a proud member of the Tli Cho First Nation, Wha Ti, Northwest Territories.
The Mine Training Society is a partnership between Government of the Northwest Territories' Department of Education, Culture and Employment, BHP Billiton Diamonds Inc., Diavik Diamond Mines Inc., DeBeers Canada Mining Inc., North Slave Metis Alliance, Tli Cho Government, Lutsel K'e Dene First Nation, and the Yellowknives Dene First Nation.
His name is Jessej Gon originally from the Tli cho community of (Behchoko) Rae Edzo, Northwest Territories and goes by the stage name, 'Digawolf', which means 'wolf' in Dogrib.
Winter roads in the northern part of the territory haven't experienced the effects of global warming to the same extent, but the impact of climate change on the roads to the mines and the Tli Cho region near Yellowknife could be a harbinger of things to come.
Three land claims have been settled in the Mackenzie Valley: the Tli Cho (which includes self-government), the Gwich'in, and the Sahtu.
The MVRMA establishes co-management regulatory land and water boards for the Sahtu, Gwich'in, and Tli Cho settlement areas, granting these boards responsibility for issuing land-use permits and water-use licenses.
The Tli Cho Lands, Resources, and Self-Government Agreement was approved by Parliament in 2005.
* Bill 15, Tli Cho Community Services Agency Act--This Bill proposes to establish the Tlicho Community Services Agency to perform functions related to education, health and social services in Tlicho communities and on Tlicho lands.
One of the companies that has benefited from the mine project is Tli Cho Logistics, a Dogrib company created to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the Diavik mine.
Canadian company Diavik Diamond Mines Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Rio Tinto plc, has awarded a C$12.6 million contract to Tli Cho Logistics to supply site services for the proposed year 2000 construction programme for the Diavik Diamond Project at Lac de Gras.