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 (tlĭng′gĭt, -kĭt, klĭng′kĭt)
n. pl. Tlingit or Tlin·gits
1. A member of a Native American people inhabiting the coastal and island areas of southeast Alaska.
2. The language of the Tlingit.
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npl -gits or -git
1. (Peoples) a member of a seafaring group of North American Indian peoples inhabiting S Alaska and N British Columbia
2. (Languages) the language of these peoples, belonging to the Na-Dene phylum
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(ˈtlɪŋ gɪt)

n., pl. -gits, (esp. collectively) -git.
1. a member of an American Indian people of the Alaskan panhandle and adjacent areas of Canada.
2. the language of the Tlingit.
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Noun1.Tlingit - a member of a seafaring group of North American Indians living in southern AlaskaTlingit - a member of a seafaring group of North American Indians living in southern Alaska
American Indian, Indian, Red Indian - a member of the race of people living in America when Europeans arrived
2.Tlingit - the Na-Dene language spoken by the TlingitTlingit - the Na-Dene language spoken by the Tlingit
Na-Dene - a family of North American Indian languages
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Samuel (Sam) Johnston, of the Teslin Tlingit, holds a unique place in Canadian history as the first First Nations person to be elected Speaker in Yukon and in Canada.
Many settled and married women of the Aleut, Eskimo and Tlingit tribes," the article said.
The Tlingit of the Pacific Northwest call the April full moon "( X'eigaa Kayaani Dis, " meaning "Budding moon of plants and shrubs," according to the Tlingit Moon and Tide Teaching Resource published by the University of Alaska at Fairbanks. 
* Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska promoted Helene Bennett to Tribal Operations & Self Governance Manager.
This accessible history looks at six New Deal totem parks, built in Southeast Alaska between 1938 and 1942 by Tlingit and Haida men enrolled in the Civilian Conservation Corps, a work relief program.
And it's the kind of case (the shocking murder of a Tlingit Indian girl) that makes his blood run cold.
According to Zender Environmental for Institute of Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) and Central Council Tlingit Haida Tribes of Alaska Solid Waste Alaska Network (SWAN), 'Children can be at much greater risk.
A Native American of the Tlingit tribe gently added perspective when he reminded us: "My people came here 17,000 years ago."
In 1802, the Tlingit Indians, led by Chief Katlian, armed by the British, massacred the Russians at Sitka while Baranov was in Kodiak.
In Sitka, that legacy endured, with the native Tlingit tribe mixing and living alongside the original Russian community, albeit after a decidedly acrimonious beginning back in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.