to a nicety

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بالضَّبْط، بِدِقَّه
bütün ayrıntılarıylainceden inceye


(nais) adjective
1. pleasant; agreeable. nice weather; a nice person.
2. used jokingly. We're in a nice mess now.
3. exact; precise. a nice sense of timing.
ˈnicely adverb
nicety (ˈnaisəti) plural ˈniceties noun
a precise or delicate detail.
to a nicety
exactly. He judged the distance to a nicety.
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References in classic literature ?
Sparsit saw James Harthouse come and go; she heard of him here and there; she saw the changes of the face he had studied; she, too, remarked to a nicety how and when it clouded, how and when it cleared; she kept her black eyes wide open, with no touch of pity, with no touch of compunction, all absorbed in interest.
Sergey Ivanovitch had calculated to a nicety the time necessary for writing a review, but a month passed, and a second, and still there was silence.