To accredit

to attribute something to him; as, Mr. Clay was accredited with these views; they accredit him with a wise saying.

See also: Accredit

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However, in the late 1970s, CEPH responded to requests from practitioners and educators to accredit community health/preventive medicine programs, and to a request from the APHA to accredit community health education programs.
net - are among the first in the country to be certified to Accredit UK's software design, development and testing standard.
The AICPA's proposal to accredit tax specialists is highly controversial, yet it just might come to pass.
Recently, a program was begun to accredit business valuators.
Neither the AICPA nor any other respected organization that has studied the question is proposing to accredit specialists without requiring them to pass an exam.
Incidentally, if the AICPA were to decide to accredit numerous narrow fields (not just one general field), the possibility of an individual qualifying in more than one field should be considered.
Secretary of Education to accredit programs in the computing field.
Two years later, that task force disbanded after determining that the Tax Division, and not the SAB, should initiate any effort to accredit tax specialists.
This accreditation for comprehensive high schools is the same rigorous, review process used to accredit public high schools in California.