To address the ball

(Golf) to take aim at the ball, adjusting the grip on the club, the attitude of the body, etc., to a convenient position.

See also: Address

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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If Chapman had to address the ball from this sector with his left hand, he protected his left by drilling a low punch-fist kill (since he was serving) up the left wall low, on green vector lb.
The focus required to stay alert and be able to address the ball during each play helps clear the mind, reducing overall stress.
Related soccer exercises involve using player's feet, thighs, and head to address the ball.
This was rough on Johnson as it was him who originally flagged up a potential problem when he backed off his putt on that fifth green just as he was preparing to address the ball.
"You need half a yard to address the ball and hit it but I couldn't so my options were straight away limited to one thing and that was to chip it.
Learn how to grip the club correctly and how to address the ball properly with the correct posture.
When you are happy that you are making a positive stroke, you are ready to address the ball. The last thought in your mind as you make the swing should be the point where you wish the ball to land.
A great drill to help you is to address the ball with the club head slightly off the ground, move it forward about two feet into the follow-through and start your swing from there.
But it's important to address the ball the same way with each shot: Take your grip, stand behind the ball, place the club head behind the ball, position your left foot, then your right foot.
Eventually Tucker ended up playing from a Handigolf buggy, a three-wheeler with a swivel seat allowing him to address the ball and use a full swing with the golf club.
First, however, it is essential to learn how to address the ball and recognize what a chip shot should look like and what it should do.
Most of my newcomers at Lake Forest College need to be constantly reminded to address the ball correctly.