To back up

to support; to sustain; as, to back up one's friends.

See also: Back

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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But, naturally, the more data there is to back up, the higher the chance of failure.
But there are serious questions about the practicality of applying ILM to back up.
To back up to a different drive, you can find free back-up utilities at sites like www.
It would serve little purpose to back up an unchanged file over and over again.
If you don't have a hard disk, your options are limited, but then you probably don't have a tremendous amount to back up, either.
You can use the DISKCOPY command if you need to back up all the files on the original disk.
You can use COPY and XCOPY (but not DISKCOPY) to back up your hard disk, but unless you have very few files that need backing up, you should investigate other programs.
There is another program you can use to back up your drive (hard or floppy) to floppies, and that is PKZIP, made by PKWare.
It takes me over thirty 720-kilobyte disks to back up 30 megabytes.
At a wider level, companies may well be paying to back up multiple copies of the same business information.
Lloyd's of London, the global insurance market, faces the challenge of having to back up more and more data whilst providing continuous access to its systems.
* empty diskettes or back-up tapes (enough to back up up your hard disk twice)