To bargain away

to dispose of in a bargain; - usually with a sense of loss or disadvantage; as, to bargain away one's birthright.
- G. Eliot.

See also: Bargain

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While the United Nations and the international civil society insist they want a peaceful resolution to the worst humanitarian crisis in the 21st century, Riyadh dismisses the idea of diplomacy in the assessment, saying they wouldn't be willing to bargain away their stated goal, which is regime change in Sana'a.
It's a good question with good answers: We were not going to bargain away certainty on the nuclear issue for anything else; as France said, there would be no "quid pro quo.
We have tried to discover our inner core: what are the values we hold to as firm convictions and high ideals, we wish never to bargain away or compromise over; and what mission do I have for living my entire life and pursuing a life-long career, marked out by hard and honest work?
Former President Ali-Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani is understood to have long advocated an entirely different approach--namely to bargain away Iran's nuclear program and close a profitable deal for the Islamic Republic.
It is precisely because we respect the ICC that we do not want to bargain away [its authority].
29) Finally, the 1829 New York Code enacted stiff minimum sentences for repeat offenders, which prosecutors may have been able to bargain away.
should redouble its diplomatic efforts to bargain away nascent nuclear weapons programs in North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, and India.
His lawyer is set to bargain away as much jail time as possible.
Opponents] will try to bargain away the liability provision.
The ability of a landlord who is facing severe financial difficulties to bargain away apartments in his building with "sweetheart" leases was severely curtailed by this decision of the Appellate Division.
The guild challenged the company's bad faith bargaining in coming to the table so late in the negotiations with such a complex issue, asking the guild to bargain away the members' future," a second WGA statement said.
Asian papers cautiously read the statement as a sign the North was finally ready to bargain away its missile exports; the headline in the Bangkok Post was North Korea Offers Deal on Missiles.