To beat the rap

to be acquitted of an accusation; - especially, by some sly or deceptive means, rather than to be proven innocent.

See also: Beat

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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But he tried to beat the rap and stay out of jail by insisting none of his victims would recover any cash if he was banged up.
Acquittal is the most important outcome, but not a complete win: Paxton would like to beat the rap in a way that boosts his political fortunes.
But when the moral high ground is being ascended by football managers, specifically Jose Mourinho, then you don't need to hire Mike Mansfield QC to beat the rap.
He argues the criminals are making mugs of Scotland by employing bent accountants, clever lawyers and the defences afforded by the legal system to beat the rap and keep making cash.
The first series of Boardwalk Empire ended with mobster Arnold Rothstein fleeing to Scotland to beat the rap for fixing the 1919 baseball world series.
Their latest case involves a serial killer who is murdering vicious criminals who managed to beat the rap. The film tips us off from the start who the chief suspect is, and the movie is about figuring out how to get the killer - a cop who has lost faith in the justice system.
KERRY football star Aodan MacGearailt is set to beat the rap on a hamstring injury and line out for An Ghaeltacht next weekend.
But Sankowich managed to beat the rap. For one thing, his production was different from others that had gone before.
To beat the rap, Allen had to commit himself to the care of psychiatrists at Payne Whitney.
But he revealed plans to beat the rap after admitting another offence at Paisley Sheriff Court.
He hands out tips on how to beat the rap and praises those who vandalise the cameras.