To blaze away

to discharge a firearm, or to continue firing; - said esp. of a number of persons, as a line of soldiers. Also used (fig.) of speech or action.

See also: Blaze

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Armed to the teeth, he travels to Washington to blaze away at the presidential motorcade, and the American agonizing over guns begins again...."
The depth of Somerset's batting gives the top three or four the freedom to blaze away - in their penultimate group game they recovered from 23-4 to chase down a target of 175 against Gloucestershire with an over to spare.
Morgan was eventually bowled behind his legs by Steven Croft but Malan continued to blaze away and became the first Middlesex player to score a Twenty20 hundred.
A thorough stayer, Lord Of Illusion is also a very sound jumper who likes to blaze away from up front and while that is a tough call in a test as severe as the Hennessy, he could have the others in trouble a fair way out.
OPPONENTS of 48-hour declarations continue to blaze away at short-term rewards from overseas, while ignoring other, less immediately tangible benefits.
Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see him make 110 not out and giving the big guns like Freddie Flintoff licence to blaze away at the other end...