To bowl

in cricket, to put out a striker by knocking down a bail or a stump in bowling.

See also: Bowl

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
Luffey, the highest ornament of Dingley Dell, was pitched to bowl against the redoubtable Dumkins, and Mr.
Then the cover-point hitter, that cunning man, goes on to bowl slow twisters.
The carriage had whirled us under I know not how many triumphal arches in process of construction, and past the tents and flag-poles of a juicy-looking cricket-field, on which Raffles undertook to bowl up to his reputation.
This way juniors have an additional reason to bowl well, to make a high school bowling team.
'As the PSL follows the ICC Regulations on Illegal bowling actions, if a player is reported while on the warning list, the player shall be suspended from bowling for the remainder of the PSL tournament', he said adding 'A player suspended from bowling may continue to be selected to play in matches, however, he will not be entitled to bowl'.
He was asked to bowl 24 deliveries and the tests lasted for more than 90 mins.
"We will now have to find somewhere else for us to bowl. We are a good group and we enjoy tenpin bowling.
I try and keep the balance of non-bowl to bowl at four to one, but sometimes, like when Rhino and Hammeke have both gone on a kill trip with Chet, we lean dangerously closer to 50-50.
We eventually did a questionnaire to see if bowling was something people were interested in and took it to the other bowling alleys around the city and found out many people there were Harlem residents who went downtown to bowl."
Return dough to bowl, cover with a damp cloth and set aside in refrigerator overnight.
[1] Turning to bowling as an example, Putnam observes that although Americans may be bowling as much as ever, they are notably less likely to bowl in organized leagues.
During breaks, participants are free to bowl, play pinball or shoot pool.