To break down

References in classic literature ?
I did this to such purpose that I made sure they had in some way bribed her to silence; a silence that, however, I would engage to break down on the first private opportunity.
Evergreen leaves take many years to break down so it's really not worth it.
ANGRY motorists have hit a supermarket giant with repair bills after contaminated fuel caused their cars to break down.
Complete the activity below to learn more about the amount of time it takes for various plastic products to break down.
1 : to break down or cause to break down slowly by natural processes <Fruit decayed on the ground.
We need approaches at every level of Canadian society that attempt to break down barriers and engage with, not just accommodate, the newer immigrant and ethnic communities.
I read a few years ago that reusing plastic water bottles again and again can cause the plastic to break down and release carcinogens into your drink.
This suggests drivers are likely to break down a minimum of once every three years, with flat tyres the top cause for women motorists and flat batteries the top cause for men.
When it comes to the capacity of metallic nanoparticles to break down pollutants efficiently, size is everything.
The temperature wasn't high enough to break down the cores made through a standard process," said Greg Harem, Pride Cast Metals' vice president of manufacturing.
And the purpose was not really to break down those people--often they had nothing to give--but to photograph them in a compromised position and say: "Go home, find the insurgency, join it, and report back to us or we'll show these to your relatives and people in your village.
Eating complex carbohydrates that take longer to break down into glucose keeps your blood sugar--and so your hunger and craving levels--low.