To break open

to open by breaking.
- Dan. iv. 27.

See also: Break

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
Then I wanted to arrange some contrivance to break open the doors of bronze under the White Sphinx.
They used a hammer, ropes and sharp tools to break open the safe and drawers." The trial has been adjourned to September 12.
On Friday, he once again had managed to break into an ATM booth in Rahim Yar Khan and was trying to break open the ATM machine when he was apprehended by the police.
A Larnaca petrol station owner had reported to police that someone had attempted to break open its bank note acceptor but failed.
The woman claimed a car locksmith was on the way when the firefighters tried to break open the car window in the sweltering hotweather.
The family members had to break open the door after the couple did not respond to repeated knocks at the door.
"That's why the President has made it very clear, he will use the full power of the state to break open if need be the warehouses of rice hoarders," he added.
The owners of such type of busses say that a hammer is kept in those busses to break open the rear glass panel and flee for safety in case of any emergency.
Bank officials said that the burglars had managed to break open only two lockers.
They besieged the board building and tried to break open the gate.
"We need to break open the closed circle of Westminster and Whitehall, and of the boardrooms too," he said in a statement.
And that free-kick was so important to break open the game."