To bring forth

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To produce, as young fruit.
To bring to light; to make manifest.
See under Bring.
- Shak.

See also: Bring, Bring, Forth

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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LSA is the single, most prestigious, non-aligned platform that honors excellence from the Fashion, Film, Music and Television and I'm glad I'm a part of the 18th LUX Style Awards.Having been associated with the LSA for numerous years, I always aim to bring forth Pakistan's best each year.
The DIG directed all the concerned police officials to bring forth all their professional abilities in the investigation so as to ensure early arrest of the murderers.
Zahid Malik, said he was a man of vision who initiated such high level investment conferences in the past with a purpose to give an opportunity to all stakeholders to sit under one roof to bring forth creative and innovative ideas to put national economy on high pedestal.
"Just like the term 'parenting' connotates 'bringing forth,' the entire school team is in constant endeavour to bring forth the highest level of interest, intensive practice, focused purpose and undying hope in our students, which can help them make their way to a promising future as the real makers and founders on the less trodden paths of success and achievement." He advised students to explore their power of purpose to improve their academic performances and future ambitions.
BAJAUR -- Assistant Political Agent (APA) of Bajaur Agency Fayaz Sherpao has announced Sports Gala event to bring forth young talent in sports.
Therefore, we live in a sacred, evolving universe that is striving to awaken us to bring forth a new consciousness and way of living.
We had brought forth certain amendments to the earlier Act in the Belgaum session of the legislature and thereafter withdrew it only to bring forth a more comprehensive legislation," Acharya said.
1:11 And God said, Allow this world to bring forth grass, that plant giving growth balls, and that woody fruit plant giving fruit following his kind, who has growth balls of its own, upon this world, and it was so.
Birds, they are winging from tree to tree Building their nest to raise fledglings to be Flower heads bobbing in valley and lea For pollen rich kisses from butterfly and bee Field mice all nervous, scurry here and there Venturing out, but not far from their lair And rabbits go romping as far as they dare For foxes are hunting and a rabbit's good fare Trees thrusting upwards to bring forth their fruit Squirrels a scamper to gather their loot All creatures bringing their fruits to the fold To withstand the white pall, so cruel and cold.
All types of performance are equal in their power to bring forth the magic of music.
If you are powerful and monitor others closely, it may generate grudging compliance, but it is unlikely to lead to the commitment required to bring forth innovative ideas.