To bring home

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To bring to one's house.
To prove conclusively; as, to bring home a charge of treason.
To cause one to feel or appreciate by personal experience.
(Naut.) To lift of its place, as an anchor.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The next day sat Zarathustra again on the stone in front of his cave, whilst his animals roved about in the world outside to bring home new food,--also new honey: for Zarathustra had spent and wasted the old honey to the very last particle.
Summary: Hyderabad (Telangana) [India] Aug 30 (ANI): With the festival of Ganesha Chaturthi around the corner, many residents of Hyderabad have decided to bring home an eco-friendly idol of the Ganpati for this year's festivity.
According to a statement by the Foreign Office (FO) a day earlier, a special aircraft of PIA was to bring home 320 Pakistanis nationals lodged in Malaysian jails 'but stuck due to the cancellation of direct flights between the two countries'.
Proud of our crew who flew the special 777 flight to bring home 300 plus Pakistani's who were stranded in Malaysia due to flight route closure.
In today's digitalized world, where the internet rules almost every aspect of our lives, Haier has again taken the lead to harness the power and potential of IoT (Internet of Things) to bring home a world of inter-connected smart appliances based on the brand's revolutionary 'U+ Smart Living' operating system the world's first and largest integrated total home solution.
The team has worked all year to be ready for the State and National competitions and expects to bring home numerous awards.
Staff in this industry were the most likely to bring home less than [pounds sterling]30,000, with 94% of workers earning under this wage level.
But it would also be unfair to Tyler and Kaycee if either one of them will give JC the chance to bring home $50,000 as the second-placer.
The police are currently trying to bring home a woman believed to be a member of the Islamic State (IS) militant group, along with her four children, who are currently believed to be at the United Nations (UN) refugee camp in Syria.
But Floirendo said that, while this will be a big setback to his promise to bring home the bacon, 'the action of Alvarez will not hinder me from delivering my promise to my people.'
The DPWH district engineering offices in Lanao del Norte and Misamis Oriental deployed 19 service vehicles to bring home 254 residents to their houses in the past three days.